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Plantlocator Magazine from Focus Business Media Limited

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What is Plantlocator? 

A weekly magazine mailed out to thousands of plant users every week throughout the UK and Eire. Distributed in association with Trucklocator Weekly - now in its tenth year of publication, Plantlocator Weekly contains 100% plant and related products and services. 

Click here to view Plantlocator online, a 'page-turn' magazine you can flick through on your computer.


     * Weekly 

     * Full colour glossy paper 

     * Covers UK & Eire 

     * Unique proven distribution 

     * Exclusively plant 

     * Worldwide subscriptions 


Printed on glossy paper in full colour, buyers are able to see the details of your machinery for sale. In addition to details of plant available, the magazine contains a healthy classified section, showing details of plant-related products and services available nationwide. 



Read by principals and senior managers across a broad range of industries, including local authorities, construction, waste management, quarries and facilities management.



Full colour display advertising is available in sizes ranging from an eighth of a page to full double page spreads at attractive rates for advertisers booking a series of advertisements. 

At Plantlocator, we realise that there is a European and worldwide market for many items. In addition to the worldwide subscription service, a popular internet site ensures coverage anywhere in the world. Based on the successful site, which has offered a searchable database of equipment for sale since 1999. 


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